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Marijuana is Not a Laughing Matter Mrs. Clinton

October 15, 2014

Today news broke that Hilary Clinton visited Colorado and made a joke about the leaf pattern in her latte foam being a marijuana leaf. Last year, Barack Obama made a joke about BuzzFeed being something he did back in college, followed by California Attorney General Kamala Harris laughing when asked recently about her stance on marijuana legalization. Oh, the gall of these powerful politicians joking about something that millions of people have been jailed for! Would they be laughing if their family members were sitting in a cell because the cops walked by at the … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

How Can Medical Marijuana Help 92% of Patients?

October 6, 2014

A new wide-ranging California study is showing that 92% of medical marijuana users say the medicine works to alleviate the symptoms of various “serious” medical conditions. Does any medicine really work that well? Just thinking about that opens the door to a conversation on the philosophy of medicine. Most of us have grown up in a mainstream culture that is almost robotically trained to seek a pill for all forms of discomfort. In some cases, the pill solves the problem, and in many other cases, it helps in one way while causing negative side effects … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

marijuana cloning

Marijuana Cloning Website Launches

September 30, 2014

Where do all those millions of marijuana plants come from? Answer: Some come from seeds, and most of them come from clones. Most medical marijuana dispensaries carry clones as one of their product offerings. They range in price from $10-$20 each, depending on the strain. That means that wholesale clone providers are doing plenty of business, especially during the outdoor planting season. Marijuana cloning has historically been taken for granted as something that just happens as part of the cultivation process, but it’s actually not that easy for a lot of people. This is due … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

Marijuana phosphorus toxicity

Phosphorus Toxicity and pH Down in Marijuana Plants

September 24, 2014

Very little is written about the effects of Ph control products on marijuana plants. Observant growers might have noticed that, when pH up or pH down is added to a fertilizer mix, the ppm or EC rises. In other words, some kind of soluble substance is being added. What is it, and how does it affect your cannabis plants? General Hydroponics has been the industry standard for pH up and pH down for many years, but their own bottles do not tell you what it contains. For old timers in the cannabis culture, you might … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

Unregulated Marijuana Cultivation Continues to Threaten Environment

September 22, 2014

By Ed Namowitz Although marijuana laws have been relaxed in many parts of the US in recent years, it is still illegal in most of the country. Twenty-three states and Washington D.C. have some form of medical marijuana law and two of those states have legalized it for recreational use. The continued lack of oversight and regulation in pro- and anti-marijuana states alike has allowed outdoor growers to use questionable techniques that are often not environmentally friendly or sustainable. Excess amounts of fertilizers and pesticides are regularly used to maximize marijuana yields in the shortest … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

Ed Rosenthal

ICBC Conference in Portland Mainstreams Marijuana

September 18, 2014

Last weekend, marijuana industry professionals gathered from all over the country to share ideas and bring marijuana further into mainstream acceptance. The fastest growing industry in the country just sped up a little more. About 30 vendors, mostly serving other marijuana businesses, gathered to network, trade information, and get more traction. Also in attendance were over 500 individuals who came to here lectures that were scheduled throughout Saturday and Sunday. Unlike many previous marijuana events, this was not a big party of stoned young people- it was a gathering of serious people figuring out ways … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

Top Rated Marijuana Cultivation Meters & Measuring Products

pH Tendencies of Various Marijuana Grow Media

August 30, 2014

Balancing pH is perhaps the most challenging and important part of being a successful marijuana grower. pH must be within a certain range (5.5-6.3) pretty much all the time in order to get great yields, quality, and potency. The difficulty comes with all the variables that can affect pH one direction or the other. These include your source water, your nutrients, the metabolic activities in the grow medium, and the grow medium itself. In earlier articles we talked a little bit about the water and nutrients, and now we need to cover the basics of … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

Diesel Ryder Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

What are Super Auto Marijuana Seeds?

August 26, 2014

One of our earlier articles discussed the genetic heritage and reproductive limitations of autoflowering seeds. After further research, we will now be discussing yield, potency, and then feminization in our next article. You might notice looking at the specs on various autoflowering varieties that the yields look suspiciously low. This is because the genetic mix that causes them to flower quickly also limits their vegetative growth potential by a LOT. If a seed starts to flower within 2 weeks of sprouting, you shouldn’t expect much in the way of branching. More likely, you’ll get one … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

jerry brown

Bigotry Against Cannabis Hobbles Democracy and the Economy

August 24, 2014

By Chris Conrad In early March 2014, California governor Jerry Brown made his ignominious remark that he does not support marijuana legalization because the modern world requires people to stay alert “if not 24 hours a day, more than some of the potheads might be able to put together.” This comment came as a shock coming from so-called “Governor Moonbeam.” Living in California, one may forget that such bigotry still exists among our leaders. California is the world’s sixth largest economy, much of it as well be derived from the work of such pot smokers … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

Raw Soluble Marijuana Nutrients

Raw Soluble Nutrients for Weed Mimic the Human Raw Food Craze

August 18, 2014

Anyone living in the alternative culture has had their exposure to raw food. If well done, it can be quite excellent, and after a few weeks of living that way, the health benefits become undeniable. Following on the raw food craze, vitamin supplement companies have now started successfully marketing raw vitamins with the claim that they are more natural, nutritive, and closer to the plant source, which means more vitality and “magic” as they absorb into your system. I use them, and I think they are the best vitamins out there. The company dominating the … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

smoke buddy

Hiding the Smell of Marijuana Smoke Like a Boss

August 3, 2014

We all know that the smell of growing and smoked marijuana is the leading cause of trouble for cannabis cultivators and consumers. If it never smelled, people would only rarely get busted. Fortunately, we have an inexpensive solution to the problem of your car, apartment, or bedroom getting anyone’s attention while you are having a toke. The Smoke Buddy and the Hello Neighbor tube are pocket carbon filters that you can exhale through and completely eliminate the smell of your smoked weed. They are cheap, and so get a … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

Canary Pot Delivery Svc

Canary – Opening Medical Marijuana Access While Keeping it Private

August 2, 2014

By Ed Namowitz Note: Since the publication of this article, Eaze has announced itself as a California competitor of Canary, and an article on their business model will be published on WeedGear.com in the coming days. Since California passed Proposition 215 in 1996, the first Medical Marijuana law in the country, tens of thousands of new businesses have been popping up that cater to the new “green” economy. Now that Colorado and Washington have taken it a step further and legalized recreational marijuana, the race is on to find the next big trend and grab … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

General Hydroponics 3 part Classic Nutes

Managing pH in Your Marijuana Garden – Pt. 3

July 28, 2014

Generally, as we discussed in the previous article, high nutrients (ppm’s) means low pH, and vice versa, but there are a few exceptions to this. The main exception is in organic gardening, where pH is powerfully altered by microbial activity. When using organic fertilizers, micro-organisms are responsible for “processing” the nutrients in order to prepare them for uptake by roots. In so doing, biochemical processes take place that drastically alter the nutrient water, and that includes the pH. Pot growers might find that the pH of their initial cannabis nutrient mix is as … [Click on Image or Green Title Above to Read More]

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